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Is that a shiba I see? [squealing noises]

What a cute face! I can't see why she wouldn't let you have the sweety, especially if your kids loved the pup. Was this the breeder in black forest? (because I've seen the website, not because that's where we got ours)


That is the cutest puppy EVER! I'm so sorry that happened. :( I'm sorry about your Grandpa too - what a month you've had!

Short posts, long posts - makes no difference to me. Just glad to see you back. :)


Yes... a Shiba :) They're the perfect compromise... I wanted something smaller, and a bit more cuddly than Zhaan, and DH doesn't really like most little dogs (he calls them yap-monkeys). We both think Shibas are one of the coolest breeds around.

No, she wasn't the one here in the forest... she was in Colorado Springs. We don't think the issue was us. She had mentioned that they had thought of keeping the dog, and had been going back and forth on it. Our guess is that she'd been the one who wanted to sell, and was sortof trying to force the issue, but her husband wasn't on board, and shut it down. It seems like we might've gotten in the midst of a marital dispute.

Whatever it was, they should've had that worked out one way or another, rather than teasing around with other people's emotions.

Even if she had had an issue with us, though, she should've said so, rather than agreeing to sell the pup and then reneging.


How upsetting! I hate it when people do stuff like that.


The worst part is disappointing the kids. It's so hard for them to understand! And like you say, if the owners weren't sure about selling it, why let you come and visit and fall in love? Grrrr.


That is extremely frustrating!!!!! I personally think it's unprofessional too, especially when dealing with selling an animal. I'm sorry you and the kids were let down. :o(


I'm really sorry about your Grandpa and the puppy. Big hugs to you and your family. I hope you find a new puppy that you love just as much soon.

Regina aka LadyLinoleum

Bummer about the puppy Leisel!

I like series of posts myself.


Cute puppy! That's so sad. :( I'm sorry about your Grandpa too.

Small posts... long ones are also daunting to read. ;)


that was very unprofessional. i wish there was someone you could report them to. i'm sorry!


Awww...that's just not right. At least give you an explaination.

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