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  • Afghans

    Lavendar crocheted afghan

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  • Charity

    Bubby bear

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    Crochet Leper Bandage. 20% My Mistake:seafoam.... 95% My Mistake:blue/pink... 90% My Mistake:pink/purple.35%


  • Doilies

    Elemental Achievement doily

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  • Gifts

    Bear in a bunny suit

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    Alien Illusions Scarf..... 95% Sister's fthr&fn scarf... 40% Mom's felted tote....... 95% Patty Cakes cardigan... 80% Scarf for SIL.............. 0% Cozy for Grandma........ 0%


  • Scarves & Shawls

    My So Called Scarf

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    Alpaca Feather & Fan... 50% Irish Hiking Scarf....... 20%


  • Small

    Mini Knothead Bear

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    MP3 Player Cozy......... 30% Harry Potter Bookscarf. 20%


  • Socks

    Lacy Scallops Socks

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  • Sock Study

    Fudge It Heels & Toes by MJ

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  • Sweaters

    Na Craga

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    Ribbi Cardi............... 95% Poncho for me........... 40%
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Looks like you got what you wanted...socks for your birthday! I love the pinks!

Happy Birthday!!!


Very pretty presents! You done good. ;)


You got great loot there!
Opal sock yarn does soften up during the wash and its just about indestructable. Lornas Laces Sockyarn, even though I love it, I walk through it in a matter of two hikings with the dogs :( its waay too soft. Great for bedsocks for me. Opal, these suckers hold up nicely, especially if I use this extra little thread for heels and toes, reinforcement thread? whatever its called.
opal also has a wool silk mixture sock yarn which I have not tried out yet!


Very nice B-day presents! Happy Birthday.


Ooh, I love everything you got. Where did you order it all from? I hadn't seen the opal tiger and lady bug before - very cute!! And I've been eyeing that Coccoon pattern too - can't wait to see it knitted up!


And. . ..happy birthday. . .When was it? Why am I always a day late and a dollar short??? Why oh, why, oh why does this always happen to ME??? (There. Did you like my Joan Crawford impersonation. Oh, I forgot-- NO WIRE HANGERS!!!) I hope you had a great birthday, and it does look like you received some cool stuff!

Regina aka LadyLinoleum

Happy Birthday! What wonderful yarns. Love the colorways.


Happy Birthday!!!

That Lorna's Laces colorway is really pretty :o)


Luv the loot! I hope my husband gets through this strike (Telus) before the Opal tiger yarn is discontinued once again.


Happy birthday! Great sock yarn- I especially love looking at Lorna's Laces colorways, and my first batch is on its way to me now. The scarf you chose is really pretty too. I don't remember seeing that before, but it's such a nice lace pattern.

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