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This has been a bad week for pets!

My cat, Boo, brought down my blinds, cleared a couple shelves worth of books, knocked everything off my computer desk, knocked over a CD tower and knocked everything off my fireplace mantle. All of this on wednesday between 7:30 and 11:30 in the morning. (And I know she is a kitten, but that is excessive.)

My best friend's boxer broke into a closet and ate several of the few remaining shoes my best friend can wear (she injured her ankle a bit more than a year ago) and dragged everything else out of the closet.

Chianna's a very cute puppy, though. I know I've heard the name but can't place the origin.


Oh, Leisel...I refuse to believe that your adorable puppy created such a mess! :)

She is such a cutie. How on earth could you stay mad at that face?


That is still the cutest puppy ever. She can be forgiven much...can't she???


Hahaha! How funny and what a cute little villain!


Sort of gives the game away when it's around the bottom of the tree doesn't it? I bet you got the typical "Who me Mom" look too, or did she creep away knowing she had been very naughty.


Between or dog, who loves to eat ornaments, and the toddler, we've kept our s' artificial on an end table the last few years.


Oh my gosh.. what a bad puppy.. She looks like shes serving her sentece well though..

Oh and thanks for telling me about the email being missing from my blog.. I guess I just never thought of adding a link for that.. But it's there now!

I was totally suprised to see a whole post on YKW after I commented about that.. I guess they felt the same way I did.. Glad they fixed it!


Here's hoping you excaped the deaded "tinsle turds".


Chianna *is* adorable, but you know how destructive she can be, since she eats crayons... Nulla doesn't do quite that much damage, but she's also 10 months older. :D

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