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    Fudge It Heels & Toes by MJ

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    Na Craga

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    Ribbi Cardi............... 95% Poncho for me........... 40%
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What this is not taking into account is the complexity of the stitches.

A simple garter stitch blanket could have twice as many stitches in it as a triangle shawl half the blanket's size. But if the shawl were lace with patterning on both the knit and purl side, it would be much much more complicated and time consuming that the much larger blanket even though it contained half as many stitches.

Also your yarn choices will make a huge difference. For example the leaf lace shawl done in a nice stable yarn like zephyr will knit up way faster than if it'd done in silk (ask me how I know this).

The point is, I think number of stitches is not a valid meaauring device in determining how difficult or time consuming a project is, it's a better tool for possibly setting goals?


You counted stitches.

Girlfriend, I think you should have your own show: "Monkette." hehe

Great choices, by the way - can't wait to see which it will be!


You're absolutely right, Anne...

When I first started estimating the stitch count in order to try and figure out how long a project would take, I had pegged Scarfalicious (for example, with it's heavy cabling) as needing to double the time I had estimated.

But, the average I listed included many, many days where I was working on the Thrummed mittens, which were at least as fiddly to do as cables, so I do still think it's a fairly reasonable guess. And in the end, it's the only way I have of coming up with a time frame for each project. Before I started counting, I never stuck to one project exclusively (not even close), so I can't just say "it took me such and such amount of time last time I did this". Other than the stitch estimates, I'd just be picking a figure out of the air.


I voted selfishly -- I want company on the FBS that I'm doing!! :-)


I vote for the FBS shawl and a sock, although if you're doing a lace shawl, you may not want to do a lace sock as well.

Also, I heard (or read in the comments on Rose-Kim) that you were looking for a lace button for the Knitting Olympics, there is a Lace and Cables Team USA or something like button on in today's (or yesterday's post), I just read it today, so don't remember the correct date. HTH.


Actually I found that on the JenLa blog, they have a host of buttons, check it out:

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