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Current Projects

  • Afghans

    Lavendar crocheted afghan

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  • Charity

    Bubby bear

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    Crochet Leper Bandage. 20% My Mistake:seafoam.... 95% My Mistake:blue/pink... 90% My Mistake:pink/purple.35%


  • Doilies

    Elemental Achievement doily

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  • Gifts

    Bear in a bunny suit

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    Alien Illusions Scarf..... 95% Sister's fthr&fn scarf... 40% Mom's felted tote....... 95% Patty Cakes cardigan... 80% Scarf for SIL.............. 0% Cozy for Grandma........ 0%


  • Scarves & Shawls

    My So Called Scarf

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    Alpaca Feather & Fan... 50% Irish Hiking Scarf....... 20%


  • Small

    Mini Knothead Bear

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    MP3 Player Cozy......... 30% Harry Potter Bookscarf. 20%


  • Socks

    Lacy Scallops Socks

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  • Sock Study

    Fudge It Heels & Toes by MJ

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  • Sweaters

    Na Craga

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    Ribbi Cardi............... 95% Poncho for me........... 40%
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Very, very pretty. :) I'm convinced Elann will put me in the poorhouse...but at least I'll have beautiful yarn to keep me company. :::grin:::


Love that color. Reminds me very much of the deep purple in the classic elite alpaca - lots of depth and richness.
I love the way you count your stitches. I couldn't even begin to try to track it, it would make my head hurt. ;)


I love how pictures of shibas always look HUGE when photographed. :)

Yay, yarn!


mmmm...your Rogue is going to be lovely!


Lovely yarn! Hope your Rogue will turn out beautifully!!


I just wanted to drop a note and say yes, I did see your scarf suggestion. What a cool scarf! Even if I don't use the Kureyon, I'm making that bad boy. It's too nifty not to.

Don't you LOVE those Peruvian colors from Elann, whatever the fiber? I had to have some of that for myself, too. Also, I totally understand the time crunch on ordering that lovely purple. The three colors I'd ordered in the Peruvian Highland wool are already gone.

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