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Current Projects

  • Afghans

    Lavendar crocheted afghan

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  • Charity

    Bubby bear

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    Crochet Leper Bandage. 20% My Mistake:seafoam.... 95% My Mistake:blue/pink... 90% My Mistake:pink/purple.35%


  • Doilies

    Elemental Achievement doily

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  • Gifts

    Bear in a bunny suit

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    Alien Illusions Scarf..... 95% Sister's fthr&fn scarf... 40% Mom's felted tote....... 95% Patty Cakes cardigan... 80% Scarf for SIL.............. 0% Cozy for Grandma........ 0%


  • Scarves & Shawls

    My So Called Scarf

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    Alpaca Feather & Fan... 50% Irish Hiking Scarf....... 20%


  • Small

    Mini Knothead Bear

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    MP3 Player Cozy......... 30% Harry Potter Bookscarf. 20%


  • Socks

    Lacy Scallops Socks

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  • Sock Study

    Fudge It Heels & Toes by MJ

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  • Sweaters

    Na Craga

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    Ribbi Cardi............... 95% Poncho for me........... 40%
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they came out perfect! Scissors and all!

I love them in the purple.


Cute socks!

Ow on the pink eye. Hope you feel better.


Aaaaah! I just got them, and they are PERFECT!!!!!!!! Okay, too many exclamation points there, but I LOVE THEM. I put them on right away and I'm wearing them now. They fit absolutely perfectly. And the chocolate! Oh, the chocolate! You totally rock. Thank you so much. I am hopefully going to put up a huge gushing blog post later today, but I wanted to thank you right away and let you know they arrived. Now I'm going to have to go back through all your previous posts to see them come to life ;-).

Thanks again!
Your very lucky Sockapaloooza pal


That is SO your color, just love them!!


The socks look great!


Those are pretty! I have been wanting to make the Simply Lovely Lace socks, but the one I attempted was too small, and I have yet to try again.

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